New Year, New Shoulder, New Blog!

Dr. B's signature before the meds.

Dr. B’s signature before the meds.


Crossfitin’ Yogi hopes to tell the tale of the adventures of a self proclaimed crossfit athlete and yogi that through bad form and some anatomical disadvantages has now become bionic.

On November 14, 2012 I woke up from what I thought was going to be just a “clean out” of my left shoulder to what ended up being a full repair of my rotator cuff. Today marks the first day in 6 weeks that I’ve been allowed out of the sling/immobilizer for more than a shower or physical therapy. Throughout this blog I wish to share my journey from the events that lead up to the rotator cuff tear, to the decision to have surgery, to the surgery and now to the recovery and rebuild.

For what ever reason you happened upon my little blog, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to take a peek. Maybe you’ll learn from my experience, maybe you’ll get a little giggle, maybe you just enjoy reading a little about someone you just randomly found while googling at work….I won’t know either way, so let’s just have some fun!



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