Today’s Wod

Annie Sakamoto Serious Dumbbell Snatch

Annie Sakamoto
Serious Dumbbell Snatch



20min AMRAP

20 Jumping Squats

10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 45/30#

5 Muscle Ups

 One of the beauties of crossfit is having open source wods at our disposal.  Search any affiliate and almost all of them post their wods, either the morning of or the night before.  I decided to post my workouts/programming too!  No, I’m not an affiliate.  No, I don’t write my own programming (usually).  But I do enjoy coming up with workouts, visiting affiliates, trying new work outs, and trolling the internet for various wod ideas. 

This wod was performed at Valiant Crossfit in Virginia Beach.  One of the owners programmed this little number.  Did I do it RX?  Absolutely not.  I actually did 5 rounds of jumping squats, dumbbell snatches at 10#, and 10 ring rows.  Crossfitting is not my career, it’s a passion – and a slight healthy addiction – thus I have let my ego go post surgery and don’t allow myself to do wods as programmed if I don’t believe it to be smart for my body.  Doing more than 100 jumping squats would not be conducive to my 12 hour shift after the wod, and doing any more arm things than that would’ve been ridiculous for my healing shoulder.  As written the wod wasn’t awesome.  My suggestion would’ve been to do 10 snatches on each arm.  And I don’t like the jumping squats and snatches in the same wod.  They seem to similar to me, even when the snatches are performed as a power move.  Maybe I’d feel different if I was doing the muscle ups, but that was a little leg heavy and not well-balanced.

All snatch jokes aside, they are my favorite piece of a crossfit wod.  It’s the most efficient way to move weight from the floor overhead, in my opinion.  I decided to go for it today and see how the shoulder would handle the overhead movement.  Muscle snatches felt better than power (easy enough since I was going light), and focusing on keeping my shoulder back and aligned.  A funny thing about shoulder surgery – if I do something wrong (misaligned, etc) then my shoulder will immediately protest.  So, needless to say, my shoulder is sore after all that I’ve done this week.   

Stay tuned.  We’re traveling to the Mid Atlantic Regionals this weekend with a bunch of other people in our region.  Let’s see what these beasts have this year! 



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