Did you say LEGS?

Squirrel Mobility

Squirrel Mobility

Sweat heals.

The simple, easy reality is that often the
best therapy is a great workout.

Until you really understand the amazing benifits of a good work out for yourself, you may not fully grasp the reality of that quote.  Even on the crappiest days and even on the crappiest workouts I still find some amazing euphoria post wod – it’s the best drug on the planet (next to being truly in love – cue: awwwww). 

Here are the past two wods Lisa and I did over the past two days.  After finding a few wods that we liked on various crossfit sites we came up with these modified versions of the originals.  We love to test out wods, challenge ourselves, and try new things – we make mistakes (and thus learn from them) and we find epic wods worth repeating.

 June 10, 2013


20 rep back squats @ 80% 1rm


7 min AMRAP

7 Hang Squat Cleans 155#/105#

7 Hand Release Push Ups

WOD Critique:  LOVED IT!  So, in full disclosure – we may have made a mistake in the 80% of the 1rm back squat.  It’s part of a program that John Gilson proposed in a Face Book post June 5 and he actually suggests 50-60% of our 1rm NOT 80%.  Talk about an all over smoker.  The idea is that a.) our 1rm goes up by adding 5-10# a week and b.) we burn fat by stimulating hypertrophy thus raising energy and frying our CNS.  Rep 10 was ok, 15 OMG, and 20 was like the light at the end of the tunnel – and being done with those heavy 145# back squats was an AMAZING feeling.  (Both of our original 1rm is more like 210#, but we have both dropped down due to injury and lack of conditioning.)  The metcon came from Crossfit Krypton and was programmed as a 7 round wod with 7 cleans and 14 push ups.  The metcon would have been even better if we hadn’t done the heavy ass back squats prior to it, and if we weren’t rushing before the noon wod came trucking through the door.  It’s one worth repeating down the line – alone or after a strength/skill session.

June 11, 2013


Warm up 1-ish mile run


Tabata “Blocks”

(that’s a Walter-ism)

Box Jumps (on a bench in the park)

Dirty Burpees (in the dirt! seriously!)


4 x 100m Sprints

Moral of the story?  Get the fu*k outside and get dirty.  Dirt is good for you.  So is the sun.  So is woding with good friends (and my cutie-patootie fiance).  It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do when you get out there.  This wod is also part of the John Gilson programming (we just decided to go to First Landing State Park instead of going to the gym).  The idea behind this little number is to raise anaerobic and aerobic capacity and who doesn’t love a good Tabata?  I wish I had a picture of us after the wod – we totally looked like we rolled around in the dirt.

How’s the shoulder, you ask?  Well, for the first time in a LONG time, my arms are actually sore!  Sore in the sense that I had a great workout!  It’s a nice feeling.  And Rock Tape has been a lifesaver.  I highly suggest learning how to use it post injury and durring recovery.  So far no pain.  Fingers crossed.

Be on the lookout – we spent the entire weekend at the Mid Atlantic Crossfit Regionals.  As you can imagine it was a pretty inspirational and exciting weekend.  A little blog post shall be coming to you soon!




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