ann marie & lisa

I want to thank Emily of for putting this blog together to showcase beautiful weddings, ceremonies, engagements and resources in the LGBT community. Love is beautiful! Lisa and I would also like to thank everyone that helped make our ceremony the most perfect night ever! We love our family and friends, for real!

for real

I love seeing the weddings of couples whose engagement shoots were on my blog previously!  Lisa & Ann Marie were featured back in April of 2013.  And here is their wedding!  Ann Marie wrote , “Our photographer, Chris Malpass , sent you our engagement session early last year, and we were beyond thrilled to be featured in your blog!  Now we are married!  (Well, as married as we can be in the state of Virginia.)
Lisa and I met at a Crossfit Gym a little over three years ago.  A friendship was instantly formed – we both share a love for weightlifting, yoga, dogs, good food and the outdoors.  That friendship blossomed quickly into what is undeniably the most amazing relationship based on trust, honesty, integrity and lots of laughter.  Lisa makes me smile every day!
Our wedding was completely DIY.  We had a vision, an amazing friend that offered…

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