It’s Day 1 of the Memorial Day 2014 Diet-Fitness (Sobriety) Challenge and look what happened to show up in the mail yesterday!  What perfect timing!  If you don’t know anything about #teamchlo or Chloie Jonsson feel free to read up – but the main point is that she exudes confidence, has bad ass tatoos, and has really put herself out there (not of her own accord initially) to stand up for equal rights in athletic competition.  Moving on…..

The morning that my sister turned 1, I ran in to her room, peered in to her crib all excited to see what a 1 year old looked like – like she was going to do this miraculous over night shift in to toddler-hood.  Imagine my disappointment when she looked just like she did the night before!  I’m not going to lie…I wanted to see a complete and immediate change instantaneously upon waking on day one – my physical body may not have made that shift, but my mind seems to be well on the way to accepting this challenge seriously.  If you want it – you gotta work bitch!  (Who’s song is that????  I know you know!)  And setting the intention first in the mind will allow my physical body to follow.

It’s seriously amazing how many things have sugar in the ingredients!  Why, I ask, WHY?  Do you know how much stuff we had to donate to #bruteyogi’s mom this morning since we couldn’t eat it all last night?  Geezus.  (Ok, really it wasn’t that much, I’m being dramatic.  But it was stuff I enjoy eating on occasion.)  Maybe this challenge will be a good thing to help continue to curb my sugar addiction.  Over the years my taste buds have evolved pretty dramatically.  The things I used to crave and find delicious definitely aren’t as satisfying now that I eat more cleanly.  That little chocolate bar from the candy jar at work just isn’t as good any more.  Ice cream is still pretty fucking delicious though…that won’t ever go away, I won’t let it.

The wife, #bruteyogi, and I had to make do with what we had in the house this morning while waiting on our farm meat from J&L Green Farm to arrive.  The protein was definitely lacking in our house – eggs, that’s it.  Needless to say, we didn’t eat enough early in the day, but now we are stocked!

Farm Fresh Baby!

Farm Fresh Baby!

Here’s what was on the menu – I DO NOT advise following this, as it WAS NOT enough food…this is how NOT to eat enough.

7:30am (This looks a little zone-esk)

  • 3 hard boiled eggs
  • 2 small clementines
  • handful of lightly salted almonds


  • kale salad with sliced almonds, peppers, tomatoes, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar


  • handful of almonds

1:30pm (pre-run)

  • half an orange (I am absolutely starving by this point and want nothing to do with anyone – LOW BLOOD SUGAR ALERT!)

2:30pm (post run)

  • 3 farm hot italian sausage links
  • shared kale salad with the wife with blue cheese on it this time!  yum!


  • 4 more sausages (I WAS STARVING)
  • 1 clementine


We’re on a deload week from Kalle which means we aren’t lifting nearly as much or as heavy as we have in the weeks prior.  So we went on a run – which of course satisfies my good habit points (as does this post!).  We ran a total of 3 miles (beach and road) at an 11:29 pace with the last mile at a 10:25 pace…I could not be more thrilled with our run since I literally have not run in months!  And I managed to run a complete mile without stopping – let’s see if I can walk tomorrow!  EEEP!

Tomorrow’s food choices are infinitely better, and I even grabbed some coconut cream at Trader Joe’s to make something dessert like ASAP.  Day one – I survived…..

Total Points: 10!  Perfect Score Bitches


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