plan b

Word to the wise – BE PREPARED for a challenge of this nature…get your groceries and have stuff ready to go at a moments notice.  You WILL be hungrier than you might be aware.  Sugar is super addictive, and I am definitely proof.  I have issues, remember?

I woke up with some major grumpy pants on I’m sure because I did not eat enough yesterday (just ask #bruteyogi!) – but once breakfast started to hit the intestines life seemed to be a lot more sunshiny.  (Ha, would you look at that, sunshiny is actually a word!)  This is by far the most difficult part of the challenge for me (and my wife) – the time it takes to shop for and prepare foods that are actually clean is more of a challenge than is the exercising, creating habits, etc.  I consider myself to be a pretty decent cook, a kitchen artist if you will, but I must make the time to create delicious meals for us to eat.  And there are times that I just want to sit down, veg in front of a movie, trash TV or just stare out the window, and not cook.

There’s a lesson in here, isn’t there?  Ok, yes…there is.  I LOVE to cook (I don’t bake) and I have been a little lazy about the meal prep recently.  There, I admitted it – from someone who used to plan the entire week in advance, my menus have been pretty embarrassing lately.  After preparing three simple meals that will last us until tomorrow (when more meat from the farm thaws) I remembered how nice it was to have stuff ready to grab and pack for lunch or  have ready to warm up and eat at home.  It opens up more time in the day to do other things – like sleep in a little longer!  Being in the kitchen is like my meditation practice for the day.  Organizing the ingredients, the timing, prepping (I LOVE TO CHOP STUFF) and then seeing the finished product is quite rewarding to me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my wife does unwillingly cook at times, but she burns her self or tries to mutilate herself in some way before she’s done – so we try not to allow her in the kitchen for any length of time.

Today’s Menu:


  • 3 scrambled eggs with tomatoes, spinach, chives, s&p
  • 2 or 3 breakfast sausages from the farm (I can’t remember since I was still a grumpapotamus)


  • apple and peanut butter (my legume serving for the day)


  • pork chop (from the farm) s&p only
  • mashed sweet potato with herbed goat cheese (dairy and potato for the day)
  • coconut cream, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon, and a touch of raw honey

Snack (on the way to my friend Dana’s)

  • rest of the coconut deliciousness

Another Snack

  • kale salad (same from yesterday, with toasted pine nuts instead of avocado today)


  • 2 of the most awesome hot dogs ever!  from the farm of course
  • roasted brussels sprouts (#bruteyogi made a cameo appearance and roasted these little guys up to perfection!)

The added fat to the snacks helped stave off the hunger and cravings longer, and the added sweet potato at lunch helped me feel more satiated.  And damn did that coconut cream parfait really hit the spot!  It was just like the raw milk yogurt that #bruteyogi and I make, only a little bit sweeter and thicker consistency.  I HIGHLY suggest this little concoction to help with the sugar addiction, although #bruteyogi didn’t seem to care for it as much as I.  Don’t get used to seeing this entire menu every day, either – I don’t know if it’ll last the 30 days we have left, so enjoy it while you can.


Our exercise points must consist of either a 15+min high intensity session or a 30min+ low impact session that is intentionally done for exercise.  Today was a tough one since it’s a rest day technically.  So I went with the active rest mentality – which means resting without being a complete slack ass (although this is warranted on certain occasions as well).  I chose to roll out my calves with that horrible quad baller contraption (but my calves do feel WAY better post run), walk around campus at work, walk the dogs twice, and mobilize at home with my wife and boer boel, Crash.  I’m totally counting that, because if you know anything about getting stronger and building muscle – it’s all in the rest!  On that note, I’m going to go and accumulate my sleeping point for tomorrow…good night!

OH – Today’s Tally: 10 mutha-f’er (don’t get too used to that…it may not last)

#bruteyogi and Crash the boer boel mobilizing together

#bruteyogi and Crash the boer boel mobilizing together


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