carbs are the enemy



How many of you have heard that?  My brother-in-law is a perfect example of spewing out that quote.  Really, you cannot live without carbohydrates, your brain, muscles, etc require glucose to function and carbohydrates are a piece of what brings that glucose in to your cells.  But when you think about carbohydrates what first come to mind?  Broccoli?  Peppers?  Tomatoes?  Apples?  Salads?  Milk? Or was it – bread?  Rice?  Pasta?  Snickers bar?  Soda?Knowing what carbohydrates actually are and what the do is important, and may prevent these comments from the onlookers of your crazy diet in the future.

Yes, you need carbohydrates to survive.  You need them to give you energy to move about your day and to interact with the people and creatures in your life.  The carbohydrates you consume can be used immediately or be stored in the liver to be used later.  Simple carbohydrates are just that – simple for the body to break down and use quickly.  Simple carbohydrates are found in fruits, veggies, milk, and yep in those delicious cakes, sodas, and candies.  Complex carbohydrates take a little longer for the body to digest and tend to have more fibrous structure to them.  Think of things like green veggies, potatoes, pumpkin, beans, whole grains.

What do I eat?  When do I eat?  Well, it’s not always a straightforward answer….in a perfect world, I try to eat the simple carbohydrates when I need the energy spike (pre-wod, night shift, feeling low energy).  But remember the issues? Well, I’m a firm believer in those simple carbohydrates being my personal enemy, the addictive nature that follows ingesting those delicious fast acting sugary pieces of heaven have been linked to similar responses in the brain like a heroin addict post hit.  That’s fantastic.  And don’t you just feel so good right after you eat one of these?  Well, now you know why we keep eating those sneaky little fuckers.

While the simple carbohydrates might be extremely satisfying in the moment, the complex carbohydrates definitely satiate and last longer in the system.  That’s why we feel so full after eating sweet potatoes, for instance.  Also why the powers that be (whatever) say to eat more complex than not.  Then – how much should I eat, what should I eat?  Well, damn….you gotta figure that one out yourself.  Like anything out there, some things work well for me that just won’t work for you.  For me, I know that I MUST eat the combination of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates to really feel satisfied and not want to eat in 30 seconds after a meal, and then I generally finish it off with a simple carbohydrate dessert (during said challenge that means fruit or that delicious parfait from yesterday until I figure out some other desserts).  Maybe I’ll discuss the implications of always wanting a dessert in another post at another time?  We could go places with that one.

Today’s Menu:


  • 2 twin farm eggs (we call these eggs twins since they have two yolks)
  • 1.5 slices sugar free bacon – I was skeptical, and much to my surprise this bacon was pretty delicious!
  • whole grapefruit
  • I managed to remember to take my morning supplements too!


  • handful of almonds


4:00pm (I wasn’t incredibly hungry, but I’ve heard to not get hungry so I made myself eat something substantial, and it worked!  Besides I knew I was going to workout after work and I needed plenty of time for it to digest.  Plan meals?  Novel idea.)

  • another chicken breast (same as above)
  • the other half of the avocado (if I didn’t eat it now, I would’ve wasted it)
  • spinach salad with carrots, tomatoes, poblanos, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinegar (I may have drown it too much…)
  • hot tea

9:30pm (post wod)

  • 8oz raw milk, 3 frozen strawberries, 1 frozen banana = DELICIOUS SMOOTHY SHAKE ICE CREAM THING!!! OMG!  Totally worth the brain freeze that accompanied it.  Pop quiz!  Is this a simple carbohydrate, complex carbohydrate or a combination of both?  Don’t cheat!

The hunger pains, whether psychosomatic or legit, seemed to be a LOT less intense today.  I did get tired around 3:00pm and that’s when I normally would have made a bad decision due to the intense craving for some some serious sugar (the simplest of carbohydrates ever).  Since a nap at work is out of the question – siesta anyone? – I opted for a spot of tea and some walking around the office affectionately known as the box.  It worked and while the craving was intense it only lasted a brief moment and was gone.  Proof that if I wait just a minute, my mind can tell my gut that I don’t actually need a snickers bar that I’d ultimately not find satisfying anyway.

Lifting Heavy

A 12 hour work day makes it pretty challenging to get in to the gym and get a decent workout in.  Then there’s sleep, food prep, and house duties.  Thank sweet baby jesus I have an awesome wife that is supportive on these long ass days.  Without her I would never sleep.  Here’s what went down at the late night gym session (thank goodness it’s deload week!)…..

3×5 Deadlifts at 60% (I did 170#)


3x30sec Hollow Rock Holds

(I believe I have an advantage with my booty – these are fairly easy)

3×5 Glute Ham Raises

(I managed to do 2 without assistance!  PR!)

And I ran the 8 floors of stairs at work during a break – 2 steps at a time –…..intense….made sure to walk back down so that I didn’t look like I died when I got back to the office.

Solid day despite being stuck at work most of it.

Total Points Accumulated Today: 10

Pipyn, resident yoga dog.

Pipyn, resident yoga dog says, “I’m sleeeeeeeeping.” She should get extra credit for this nap pose.

FINE PRINT/DISCLAIMER: While I may work in healthcare and know how to GTS (google-that-shit), I am by NO means an expert in any way on this subject.  These opinions are mine and maybe some of yours, but I do not claim that this is the end-all be-all to the carbohydrate chat – there is sooooo much more to know.  


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