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Tonight I work the night shift.  Twelve hours, eight of them alone, in a small office while most people in the world sleep.  If I were working in the Emergency Department this evening I’d have plenty of entertaining people (patients and coworkers) to entertain me….but being in the Transfer Center tonight makes things a tad interesting.  I find that at 4:00am I really begin to understand why I value human interaction so much, and what it must feel like to be in solitary….horrible, I’d imagine.  Working night shift will make things interesting while on this challenge, so I thought I’d write a little about the things that test me while working over night.

Sleep.  Well, we need it.  Plain and simple.  I’ve written about sleep before while recovering from shoulder surgery.  Sleeping during the day poses it’s own risks and challenges.  And creating a positive sleep environment is likely the most important thing to get quality sleep.  While I’m working this evening I’ll write a post on my sleep environment and practices.

Eating.  To eat at night or to not eat?  There are various theories out there on this question.  What I have found to be the best for me is to basically reverse my eating schedule as if it were day time.  Who can go 12+ hours without eating?  NOT ME?  Let’s also discuss how those sugar cravings come up like a rabid animal hunting down it’s prey.  It can be more intense than ever!  In addition to that, in order to keep the energy up and stay awake when the body really wants to sleep, it also becomes incredibly tempting to make some pretty bad decisions in the fuel department.  Not to mention boredom…there are moments in the weeeee hours of the morning that there will be absolutely nothing going on, I’ll be tired, I’ll be bored, I’ll be ready to go home and I will just want to eat something to do something.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see how I fair tonight!

Moving.  In the ED I’d be moving about the unit, transferring patients, moving equipment, etc. but in the Transfer Center I CANNOT, seriously, CANNOT leave if I am the only one on duty.  If you’ve been paying attention to the media (social, local, national, etc.) you’ve heard how dangerous it can be to sit for long periods of  time….so  to combat that, I’ve packed a go bag with all kinds of mobility tools.  Yoga mat, blocks, stretchy bands, lacrosse balls, foam roller, and The Stick all accompany me as I move in for the evening.  I’ve also found this little app for my iPhone, The Stand Up Alarm, and even have my coworkers (when I have one) join in.



Today’s Menu:

7:00am (pre-wod)

  • half a banana

8:30am (post lifting)

  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • half and orange

10:00am (post wod/coaching)

  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • half perfect foods bar – almond coconut (I’d much rather the other flavors, but this one is challenge legal)
  • handful of almonds
  • I really want a giant sandwich about now, but decide against it.  I’ll take this to mean that I should’ve eaten more before nap time.

7:30pm (it’s like breakfast all over again! only it’s dinner….)

  • farm pork chop
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • clementine
  • liter of water (so used to drinking throughout the day and I was sleeping…guess I had to catch up)

Exercise Today:

3×5 bench press @ 60% – I did 65#

incline db row 2×10 @ 20#

incline db fly 2×10 @ 5#/8# (I had never done these before…kinda neat)

Warmup with the 8:30 class

3 rounds (not for time)

10 wall balls for height (that was fun!)

10 strict pushups

10 hip extensions

I also had fun playing with the kettle bells – Turkish Getups, snatches, cleans, swings while #bruteyogi was finishing her lifting session.

Solid Day overall.  Midnight starts day 5 of the challenge!  (I’ll still be awake.)  My goal is to sleep a combined 7-8hrs between today and tomorrow since I have and will sleep the two opposing nights.  Since I slept a pretty solid 5 hours before work I’ll only have to sleep 2-3hrs tomorrow after work to make up my sleep points.  If I don’t…then I loose the point for the day, and I don’t want to loose a point on something like sleep!

Total Points: 10


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