Jogging with Pipyn

Jogging with Pipyn

I think I finally got this eating thing under control – almost took a week to realize that I HAVE to eat just before I get hungry or right at that first little tinge of a grumble.  Oh, and eat often, WAY more often than I was used to and I thought I at a lot before…..

Last night #bruteyogi put all of the food in to one of those iPhone apps to see where she was at with her macronutrients (something I have a difficult time calculating) and caloric intake for the day.  We average around 2,000 calories a day it seems, which is what I more-or-less thought.  I don’t like those fitness apps in general – I don’t think they accurately calculate the type of workouts we do, but they seem to do a decent job in the food calculating department.

The big win for the day was going on a field trip to a local restaurant and not freaking out over the menu.  We went to eat with one of our besties at a local seafood joint and quickly realized that there really wasn’t a ton of options that were legal for our challenge.  However, being that it was a seafood establishment with a raw bar it was easy to order a pound of shrimp, a dozen clams, a dozen oysters and a salad – we just couldn’t have the drawn butter (which I don’t like anyway) or the cocktail sauce (which I do love).  We went hard core and had straight horseradish (something in my pre-90%paleo lifestyle that I would have NEVER done).  We pounded the food down like we’d not eaten in 36 hours, and likely could’ve eaten more.  Thankfully the mother-in-law, Big D, is a phenomenal baker and supporter of our crazy habits that she made us paleo – challenge legal – donuts!  WOW!  It was so nice to have dessert waiting for us when we got home from dinner.



The first week’s challenge (in addition to the challenge itself) is to create a three course meal that’s challenge legal and share it with someone else for bonus points.  We created pulled pork (from the farm of course!), coleslaw, and a giant fruit salad.  Our dinner guests, via doggie bags, were Big D and one of our besties (the same one we met for dinner).  That helped us nab 20 extra points for the week!  We’ll need all the points we can get since we won’t be able to take advantage of the 30 bonus points on Memorial Day weekend (see the first post if you’re lost).

Three Course Paleo Feast!

Three Course Paleo Feast!

It was a beautiful day in Virginia Beach, a perfect day for an outside activity.  Our exercise for the day included a 4 mile run/walk in the nearby First Landing State Park with one of our dogs, Pipyn.  If we’re going to run I’d much rather choose to run on soft ground than asphalt any day, and this park is perfect for a jog.  We were not the only ones that thought that today, either.  The park was packed with runners, bikers, walkers, families and their dogs.  We even ran into a fellow CrossFitter!

We’re almost done with the first week!  I’ll be posting my overall thoughts of the first week in the next post or two – I’ve learned so much already.  Time to grab those sleep points.

Today’s Total: 10 + 20 extra bonus points added to the week for challenge dining!  No lost points for #bruteyogi and I thus far!

Special side note to my readers: I sometimes don’t proof read these posts before posting them, and I’m a pretty horrible speller – deal with it…it obviously doesn’t bother me….



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