nuff said

nuff said

Tomorrow marks a full week completed for the Memorial Day Fitness Challenge (our weeks are 8 days, ask Beth, I don’t know why).  Today I thought I’d give you (and remind me) of the things I have learned thus far during this challenge.

  1. If you don’t like to cook, you’re gunna have a bad time.  Luckily I do like to cook…love to in fact.  But what I have found that I love even more is that my wife is on this journey with me.  It means that we are in the kitchen, my domain if-you-will, a lot!  And it means that we are in there together.  Spending time grocery shopping, deciding on how to prepare a few meals (we can’t just prepare one with the amount of food we eat!), prepping the meals, doing the dishes, and putting all of the meals in to go boxes.  I love the time that we are spending together doing all of this food preparation!  If only one thing comes out of this food challenge and it’s that I strengthened the already strong bond with my wife, I’ll take it.  Cheesy or not, I’m being completely genuine in telling you that this has been my favorite part of the challenge to date.  I married her, right?  Why wouldn’t I want to spend time with her?

    this girl...wins my heart every day

    this girl…wins my heart every day

  2. I have an addiction to the scale, and that was the one thing that I gave up for this challenge.  I guarantee this is a learned behavior – the source of which I am not entirely sure.  Day 4 and 5 I wanted to get on the scale some kinda bad – like drooling at the thought.  No one would have to know except me, I wouldn’t have to tell anyone.  However, having that guilt just sitting there, knowing what I had done???….I’d have admitted my sins to the challenge police and lost not only points but integrity.  I was able to get over the thought of the scale for those two days, I know it will come back and hopefully it will only get easier to deal with that issue.  What does the number on the scale have to do with ANYTHING?  Exactly…nothing.
  3. I have yet to feel so grossly full that I immediately want to take a nap after eating.  That can be counted as a bonus, right?!  I feel satisfied after eating and have found it impossible to over eat.
  4. I really miss dairy.  Yogurt and ice cream in particular.  I don’t need much, but I would like more than I’m getting currently.  The wife, #bruteyogi, and I eat as raw a dairy we can get, and even make our own raw milk yogurt.
  5. Mindfulness – #bruteyogi and I really do consider our food, it’s source, it’s implications and/or consequences (if there are any) almost every time we eat.  This challenge has taught me how to do that even more!  Unfortunately #bruteyogi got stuck on an old conditioning mindset and grabbed a fake sugary mint, consuming it before she noticed what was happening.  Fail….under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have mattered – but under challenge rules…no sugar.
  6. Adaptation – I must find a way to move mindfully every day during the challenge to get a point for exercise.  Today for instance I was supposed to be lifting after work and ended up having a much longer work day than anticipated.  Instead of lifting, which would have worn me out after a LONG day already, I opted to roll out the yoga mat and put in a few poses with dogs and the washing machine as my music.

Today’s Points: 10 – keeping up that track record, I’m motivated to see this thing through! (And I’m not going to lie…as I sit here and type this I seriously want a big ass bowl of ice cream.)


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