Day 10!



I’m not sure how I feel about their little tag line.  We definitely did hit while at our 30 minute session today….interesting.  Moving on….

Part of the challenge is to try something new, something new like adventure new, and add 10 bonus points to the day’s total.  Have friend join you that’s never done the same adventure, grab up another 10 bonus points!  It was a little bit of a challenge to find something I hadn’t done, fit it in to the schedule, and find someone else that hasn’t done that something.  Magically I was off today and one of the challenge members found a kickboxing studio that they wanted to try out.  So, one of my besties and I went with 2 other challenge members and another gym member (non-challenge participant) to 9 Round for a 30 minute cardio/kickboxing session.

It was a LOT of FUN!  In CrossFit terms it was similar to Fight Gone Bad where we went to 9 different stations for 3 minutes each.  There were two “coaches” helping us as we approached stations and also interacting with us at specific stations.  I didn’t know that punching a bag, kicking a bag, throwing right hooks and all those other fancy fight terms, would be so fun!  We all enjoyed the session noting that it was something different for each of us gym rats.



Today’s Total: 10 + 20 bonus adventure points.  Oh…and I took a nap….naps are awesome and a completely lost art form.  Take one, it’s worth it.

Naps. Does a body good.

Naps. Does a body good.


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