Day 11



One of my other jobs is teaching yoga at a local studio.  I teach a class on Sundays called Bodhi’s in Motion:Sunday Funday.  As I have found my voice and passion in teaching Hatha Yoga I too have learned (and continue to learn) more about myself and the people that surround me.  One of the things I like to do is create a group intention at the beginning of the 90 minute class.  What that does, or what I ultimately hope it does, is create a sense of unity within the group as they move and breathe together.  It also lets the students in to a more personal side to me as I will generally choose a thought or idea that I am working on in my own practice.

Patience – when ever a teacher has asked the group to set an intention for the practice, patience is a thought that has come to my mind 9 out of 10 times.  Choose an intention for your practice, today.  Something that you would like more of in your life.  That’s often what you’ll hear.  And patience is something that I’d always like more of, and I’m really not an impatient person.  I think that patience is something that is lacking a great deal in our society, in our world.  We’re consumed with immediate gratification and if we’re not willing to wait or work for it then it’s just not worth it.

A coworker of mine asked me how the challenge was going.  This coworker has been aware of the challenge since day one when I handed her the rules and regulations the moment the challenge began.  She’s very supportive, and is a bit of a health nut herself.  I told her in all honesty that it was going really well, but the first few days were VERY rough.  I was hungry all the time.  I wanted fake delicious sugar like my dog, Ren, wants to hoover the dishwasher (she acts like I never feed her).  And it was a little frustrating at times to have to plan out all of my meals – do you want a chunk of cheese with that wine?  Patience has shown its importance again!  It’s the end of day 11 of the 32 day challenge, not even half way, and I actually feel pretty great.  The patience during the bad sugar withdrawals has paid off.  Everyone saids to wait it out, it will go away, and it did.  I may have said that I wanted cake tonight, but that craving was satisfied with some pretty yummy coconut vanilla ice cream.

Today’s Total: 10


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