Day 12 – No Excuses

"Is their gluten in that?" Feeding the little birds.....

“Is their gluten in that?”
Feeding the little birds…..

I don’t want to hear any excuses about “I don’t have time to workout” or “I’m going to cheat because I’m going to a kid’s birthday party”.  Screw that.  You can make time to do the things you want to do, or the things that you find important.  If it’s not high on your priority list then let the excuses fly because I’m not listening.  Talk to the hand, cause the face don’t wanna hear it any more!  (Name the movie!)

Not only did #bruteyogi and I get up at 4:00am to get a workout in before I had to be at work at 7:00am, we also went to my nephew’s 2nd birthday party that surrounded us with pizza, chips, salsa, beer, and homemade cupcakes!  The wife lost a point with her gluten free beer (we’re such a stereotype), but I don’t like beer – my will power came in with the tortilla chips and homemade cupcakes.  I surprised myself without having to even fight with my good angel and devil – I didn’t even flinch with the temptation at my finger tips.

Be prepared.  If you’re going somewhere that has temptation – go in knowing and allowing yourself to have the temptation, and then don’t beat yourself up about it.  I don’t want to hear, “oh, I shouldn’t be eating this or drinking that”.  I call bullshit – you’re an adult and can say no if you want to.  Today, I said no.  Today #bruteyogi went in knowing she was going to allow herself to enjoy a beer with the rest of the people pretending to be adults.  Did she apologize or beat herself up for it – absolutely not.  If you don’t want to give in to the temptation today – bring food with you, or eat a big meal before you go, and say thanks but no thanks.  Get rid of the story and the excuses why you can, can’t, will or won’t do something.  Enjoy yourself, be yourself.

Oh – and try something new!  Today was #bruteyogi’s first time EVER in a bounce house (she has horrendous vertigo and motion sickness).  Her adventure buddies included a 3 year old that asks “is there gluten in that” because she’s been recently diagnosed with Celiacs, and the most adorable 2 year old nephew in the world that happens to look like a minion.

Today’s total: 10 + 5 bonus points for 4 perfect days in a row

Seriously - could they get any cuter?

Seriously – could they get any cuter?



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