Day 13 – How’s your down dog?


Unicorns and rainbows?  Why not?

Had the pleasure of watching my wife, #bruteyogi, wrangle about 40 dudes at a Bro’s and Brew’s event today at a local brewery.  Not that I’m biased or anything, but she’s pretty fucking awesome when she’s presenting her passion to the masses (in this case a diverse room of all men).  Not many people can teach yoga to a bunch of guys and hold their attention AND make an impact in the way that she does.  Her craft is body mechanics and understanding how to give the room what it needs in a way that they can receive it – it is a kick ass sight to behold.  Need a tune up?  Go follow her on Instagram @yogiweezy, or FaceBook, or Twitter @yogiweezy, or all of the above!  You won’t be disappointed.

We – the wife and I – also had the pleasure of working out and hanging out with our amazing friend, Josh (I’ll have to work on a nickname for him).  Working out with friends is always so much better than working out alone, guess that’s why CrossFit was so appealing in the beginning.  We are such social creatures by nature that the group aspect of CrossFit has really helped to make its mark in the fitness world.  Just like this diet and fitness challenge.  All 18 of us coming from fairly different backgrounds (doctors, lawyers, self employed, coaches, mothers, fathers, single, military, etc) really helps put the diversity of life in to perspective.  While we are all the same animal, breathing the same air, our containers and experiences in this life are vastly different.  It’s also a reminder that what we put our energy towards is what we will ultimately get in return – it’s why we’re so diverse!  It’d be pretty boring if we were all the same, eh?  I’d have nothing to write about every day……….

My favorite quote this week from our private FaceBook group:  “…make sure you bend over in the mirror and do the “see thru” test before you buy.. No one wants to know your down dog is not neutered….”  I may have seriously laughed out loud even copying that in to the blog!  Tomorrow I’ll debut another creative quote from one of the participants…these people are seriously witty with their words.


Insert Creative Smart Ass Caption Here

Today’s Total: 10

PS.  I’m not proof reading this because I want to go to bed.  There, I admit it…I’m a lazy editor.



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