Day 14 – Two Week Check In!


Well, look at that…two whole weeks down in our month long diet and fitness challenge!  I actually didn’t even realize that until I typed it in the subject line for this post.  Originally I was going to write about the evolution of a mature athlete…..but I think I’ll save that thought for another day.  Remind me if I forget.

Let’s do a check in for these past two weeks:

  • Be prepared!  Good grief – as if #bruteyogi and I didn’t always have emergency food with us at all times, now it’s a serious situation that we MUST have food with us.  Finding challenge legal food is, well, a challenge.  So to combat that we carry a bag of food with us every where we go.
  • Eating at restaurants can be done, but is a bit boring.  We’ve had a burger or seafood steamer bucket where ever we’ve been.  It’s been the easiest choice if we are to stay compliant.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to chow down on some chips and salsa or some sushi (with the rice!).  However, I do feel great and I’m fine without it for now.  Who knows, maybe I’ll eat less grains and sugar once this challenge is done.
  • Grocery shopping was fairly eye opening.  Sugar being the culprit.  The wife and I eat fairly well already…or so I thought.  When I looked at some of the ingredients of things that we had purchased in the past I was shocked to find that a lot of things contain sugar that doesn’t really need sugar to begin with.  These are things that we won’t likely be purchasing again – exception being ice cream and butcher bacon for sure…duh.
  • Lifting heavy has not been affected by the challenge diet in the least.  WIN!
  • Making time to move mindfully has only really been a challenge on the days when I am in the hospital for 12+ hours, especially over night.  Those days I tend to make the workout a bit lighter, or practice asana (yoga), or stretch, roll and mobilize.  All good habits I am looking forward to maintaining.
  • Sleep is definitely high on my to do list every day.  With this challenge it’s meant maintaining a perfect daily score.  I’ve come close a few times these past two weeks to docking my sleep point and somehow been able to pull it off by sneaking a nap in.  It also shows me how much sleep I really need, and anything under 7-8 hours is just not going to cut it.
  • Writing blog posts each day has been really enjoyable.  I am surprised to find something to write about every day, and wonder what I’ll be writing about in two weeks….oh wait…we’ll be at the MidAtlantic CrossFit Regional Games….I’ll have plenty!  Now just to make the time to do it while we’re there. Time…yes that’s a challenge in writing blog posts and that’s also why some of the posts are shorter and much less edited than others. (Insert sheepish grin here.)

The next bonus challenge is to PR on something at the gym.  My goal is to PR on one of my lifts since I haven’t tested them in about a year.  We can grab a few more points if we PR on two things, and since I’d rather not PR on two heavy lifts in one week I’m going to try and beat one of my double under PRs (max unbroken, max in a minute, etc).  Check back at the end of the week to see how I did!  Hopefully everyone posts their personal bests so I can share with you what they’ve been working on as well.  I’m looking forward to the excitement and accomplishments!

Today’s Total: 10



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  1. Hi! I loved reading about your health and fitness challenge- and the awareness that you’ve had so far! I saw that you teach yoga, but have you ever thought about running health and fitness challenge groups for other people?? I am actually part of a team that does that now- message me if you want to hear more! Either way- have an awesome day!!

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