Day 16 – HALF WAY!!!



So – it happened.

I ate…..


I went in to the situation knowing full well that it could and likely would happen.  It’s cool.  I’m not skeered.

Also made the choice between the lesser of two evils.  Soy sauce – the real deal with gluten (not gunna happen) or what I could find on a moments notice at the ever so sketchy Food Lion?  I went with Braggs…so there went another point (since it is still soy and that’s not legal either).  – HOLD THE PHONE….After the original publish of this post 20 minutes ago, I have learned that this was not sin of the challenge.  How about that?  No point lost after all…it falls under the same category as the grains (ie rice) and it could be interperated to also fall under the legume category for which I am allowed one serving a day (I did opt for the non GMO based soy after all).

Don’t worry – I told my wife.  And after a rather impressive *gasp*, she admitted that she was a tad jealous.

Today’s Total: 8 – NO it’s actually 9!



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