Day 18 – New Personal Record



This weeks mini challenge is to PR on something – PR on two things and grab even more bonus points.  I LOVE DOUBLE UNDERS!  There – I said it.  I admit to it.  It’s all true.

For one of the potential two PRs I wanted to beat one of my old double under scores.  Today when I was finished with the programming from Kalle I randomly chose the 150 double unders for time.  The other options were most unbroken (my last score was 188 unbroken double unders in 2012), or most double unders in a minute (I inadvertently erased my last score – so that one was a wash).

Last 150 double unders for time was 2:16 set in November 2011.  Today?  150 double unders in 1:22!!!!

I felt so awesome after that little moment that I took a break and decided to try and beat the most unbroken while I was at it.  It didn’t happen – 148 today.  I have no clue how I busted out 188 at one time without tripping up?!  Was I on drugs at the time?  I didn’t trip up today, I just. could. not. go. on!  Maybe it’s the lack of metcons recently?  Maybe I shouldn’t have tried it right after 150 for time?  What ever it was today wasn’t the day to beat it.

What was one of your recent PRs?  Was it set in the gym or was it a life PR?

Today’s total: 10 + 10 bonus PR points


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