Day 19 – DeadLift PR




Do you remember the time that you hit your first deadlift PR?  Or any PR for that matter?

Isn’t it interesting that you can recall the day, the circumstances, the environment, the people, the music, etc when new PRs are set?

My last deadlift PR was set last year well after rotator cuff surgery.  Deadlifting was the first barbell movement I could do post surgery that involved my arms (back squats were the first that I could actually do post surgery).  I have been stuck at the 235-240lb deadlift since 2010/2011.  That’s a DAMN LONG TIME if you ask me.  I remember hitting all of the PRs along the way, 215, 225, 235, 240.  I remember where I was, how I felt, who was there.

Today my goal was to stay conservative – my track record hasn’t been so hot over the years.  I was shooting for 250lbs, a 10lb PR.  With this programming that #bruteyogi and I have been doing recently (starting with our friend Court and now Kalle), I knew I had made some progress in terms of overall strength.  Ten pounds didn’t seem to be too unreasonable.

Let me also fill you in on a little secret.  I suck at bar math, and I also can psych myself out mentally if I know how much weight is on the bar.  Luckily my wife is both great at bar math and great at making appropriate weight jumps without my knowledge (I ask her to not tell me what’s on the bar past a certain weight).  Once I hit 225lbs on the bar I stopped paying attention to the actual numbers in pounds and let #bruteyogi take care of me.  She was a great bar bitch, a great videographer, and an amazing cheerleader!  Having her support and confidence means the world to me, and I love to make her proud.

Do we attribute this PR to the diet and fitness challenge?  The programming from Kalle Beck for the past two months and Court before?  The yoga practice?  Or all three?  I don’t know – but what ever it is or was it seems to be working.

This is my first attempt with iMovie and uploading to YouTube and WordPress….let see what happens.

Today’s Points: 9 + 10 bonus PR points

(I had sugar (other than fruit) for the first time in 18 days!  However, coconut sugars seem to be allowed in the challenge and through some confusion we didn’t think they were….so I had a negligible amount of cocktail sauce at dinner and sorbet at fro’yo tonight since I thought I’d killed my point already.  Damnit.)


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