Day 20 – The Sugars…..



Ok, so sugar has received a bad rap.  Let me fill you in on my relationship with sugar – refined sugars to be exact.  Since this challenge started I went without the refined sugars for almost 19 days.  Last night I had a little bit of sorbet after dinner.  It was the first time that condensed sugars of that nature had been consumed – we’ve of course been eating sugar, just in the form of fruits and vegetables.  Those sugars tend to metabolize quite differently than the intravenous drip of key lime sorbet that I had last night.  Once it’s removed from the normal daily diet, it’s very noticeable when it’s reintroduced.

Prior to this challenge and in years past I’ve experienced multiple bouts of heart palpitations.  So much so that I’ve seen the doctor – more than once.  I’ve worn a Holter Monitor, an Event Monitor, had multiple EKG’s (or ECG’s), and have had a stress test. Literally nothing was wrong with my heart, blood work showed that all was fine, and other than the possibility that it was anxiety the docs told me to cut back on caffeine.  I was in college when this started…that meant that I was drinking the shit out of mountain dew (I used to LOVE that shit) and sleeping when ever I could.  The palpitations went away for a while after college and came back a few years later.  This time it was attributed to stress and anxiety and I cut caffeine out entirely.  They’ve laid dormant for the most part – popping up here and there.  Usually when I wasn’t sleeping as much (zombie nightshift) or for some other reason I wasn’t aware of.

Here’s the interesting part.  Right after eating the sorbet, within an hour or less, I felt a surge (likely the sugar streaming through) and the palpitations!  CRAZY!  I’ve had caffeine a few times throughout the past 20 days – but have not had this big a dose of sugar in such a condensed way.  And I haven’t felt the palpitations this entire challenge until now.  I think we now know the culprit!  My body metabolizes sugar in such a way that causes me to have heart palpitations.  Or at least I assume that’s the case since nothing else has changed….I’m not stressed, I’m much less anxious than ever (thank you yoga), I eat fairly well, blah blah blah.  This has to be it!

This is what my EKG looks like some of the time

This is what my EKG looks like some of the time

What does it mean?  Well – I’ll definitely be more diligent in my consumption of refined condensed powerful doses of sugar from now on.  It only took 36 years to figure that one out.  Thanks challenge master (AKA Beth) for bringing this to light!

See you guys tomorrow.

Today’s Points: 10


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