Day 21 – Short and Sweet



Watched my wife hit a backsquat PR this afternoon!  Too bad we don’t have video of that as I was her spotter and not her videographer.

Ate well, woded well, slept well…

Here’s the recap of the lifting session:

1.Axle Press 3×3 @85% clean each

A – 115# jerk (went of my old 3RM clean with a barbell of 145 set a LONG time ago, this felt good and I was suprised with how strong I felt!  Fun warm up for sure!)

2.strict press 3×5 reps

A – 65/65/70#

3a.Pull ups 3×5

A – 5 / 3+2 / 3+2 (shut the hell up – 5 unbroken?!  what are you doing to me Kalle?!)

3b.Face pulls 3×5

A – 36/48/60#

4.3 way shoulder 1×20

A – 5# (I thought, oh, just 1 time?, and then had my ass handed to me by 5# dumbbells)

Repeat tomorrow (with a different wod of course)!

Today’s Points: 10


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