Day 23 – Out of 32!

click like if you even know who these guys are!

click like if you even know who these guys are!

I have exactly an hour to write this post – let the flow of words begin!  (And I’ve already erased that first sentence twice.)

What motivates you?  What are your motivations to get shit done?  It can be things that you want to do or things that you have to do (due to work, family, etc).

Motivation is an interesting thing.  When faced with challenges, what is that keeps you going?  18 of us are currently in the downhill slide of a month long diet and fitness challenge.  Some have really held course, some have left the wagon on the side of the road with two flats and haven’t looked back.  (Alright maybe that’s a little harsh, but I liked the way it sounded so it’s staying.)  When the choice is yours to make – DNF on a WOD, finish and maybe hurt yourself in the process, or slow down and take your time finishing with integrity, or not giving a fuck about the clock and doin’ yo’ thang, or what ever goes through your head while on rep 36 of 50 burpees – why do you do it?  What’s your reason for showing up?

If the reason has little to do with what your wants, needs, desires, passions, goals, etc are and they have more to do with social status, what other people may think, how someone may react, guilt, vanity, surface appearance, societies bullshit, conditioning and/or showing off then you may be doing it for the wrong reasons entirely.  I’m not saying outside influences or support from others isn’t appreciated or taken in to consideration (sometimes it takes someone else believing in you to allow clarity in to your abilities – I remember the day I got my first pull-up because someone else believed that I had the ability to do it), I’m just saying that if you don’t have clear motivation in to why you do the things you do – maybe it’s time to sit and ponder the reasons and make sure that you are doing it for you.

That’s selfish, xfitinyogi.  It may look like selfishness on the outside, but what it really is, is self love.  Being the best you that you can possibly be so that the people that love and care for you get the best YOU possible.  Taking care of you is the best way that you can take care of everything else.


Today’s Total: 10 + 5 bonus for four perfect days in a row



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