Day 25 – Patience

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The whole post about habits that I thought I was going to write today will actually come later.

A coworker of mine is working on a cleanse and fitness protocol for a coworker of hers (she’s also a firefighter).  We discussed some ideas and she googled the shit out of some cleanses finally finding one that she thinks will help kickstart her coworker in to a more healthy lifestyle.  (I just noticed that cleanse is spelled with the word clean in it – coincidence?)  One of the the challenges that entered the discussion was the question of whether or not this coworker was ready to tackle something so different that his current lifestyle in an effort to be a more healthy individual.  While I know VERY little about cleanses in general, what I do know is that to embark on a somewhat challenging lifestyle shift takes motivation, perseverance and a lot patience.  You have to be willing to put up the effort to see the results that you want on the other end.  And you have to be willing to wait it out.  Results don’t always happen immediately – especially when it’s something relating to a long history of previous conditioning.  This goes for anything – change in diet, change in career, change in geographical location, new workout regimen, etc.  I’m sure I have written about this before – yep…I have.

Perspective is everything!  A positive outlook will go far in the face of challenges – big or small no matter what the challenge may be.  That positive outlook could potentially make or break the outcome.

Today’s Points: 10


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