Day 26 – Habits of Others



I love that quote ^^^^!!!  As we gain more knowledge and get better at things we sometimes forget what it is like to have started out as a beginner.  In yoga we often refer to being in a beginner’s mind and/or a beginner’s body.  We won’t ever know everything and we’ll always find something to be a beginner at.  This challenge has given all of us the opportunity to remind ourselves what it is like to live in a beginner mindset….if we allowed it.  We may know how to eat, but we may have all forgotten how to mindfully eat, how to be mindful about our activity level, what it was like to try new things, what a gift it is to share a meal with others, the gift of a like minded community reaching for a common goal….etc etc etc.

Our challenge master noted the other day that we were over 75% complete with the challenge leaving only one week to go.  She and I both posed a similar question: What are we likely to continue when the challenge is technically over?  What are we going to miss by not being on the challenge?  Here are some of the responses.

  • Maintaing the mindful perspective of the food we are actually consuming.  If we briefly stop and ask ourselves what are we needing before we consume what is in front of us, it is a little bit easier to understand what it is actually fueling.  Let’s take a bag of potato chips for example.  Am I needing salt?  Oil/fat?  Cure boredom?  Am I actually thirsty?  Am I having a hunger emergency and this is the fastest thing that I can consume?  If I sit and pause for just a moment, is it the chips that I actually want?  Is it the chips that will satisfy me or leave me wanting for more?  Try it next time you sit down (or stand at the kitchen counter) to grab something to eat.  Your answers may surprise you.
  • The community of 18 like minded people on a similar journey, sharing experiences on a private FaceBook group doesn’t have to end…but it will likely trail off as the challenge dissipates.  That sense of belonging to something and sharing in similar struggles was a common theme amongst the posts this month.  Everyone really liked sharing thoughts, recipes, PRs, ideas, struggles, laughter, new adventures, photos, etc on our page.  We can all support each other, validate ideas, push each other to try something we may not have before and laugh together at our shortcomings.  What’s stopping us from taking this virtual community in to the real world?
  • This challenge has been a kickstart for a few participants who felt like they needed a little help regaining control over their overall health.  Me included.  The sense of responsibility and accountability in reporting our points daily has been just what a few people needed.

Habits that people would like to continue (in a more specific way):

  • Taking supplements everyday (most of us are CrossFitters, Strong(wo)men, Athletes)
  • Keeping up the hydration
  • No more coffee creamer
  • No drinking during the week – which equals no smoking for one participant (great job!)
  • Not going down the rabbit hole completely in terms of cheats – we’ll call this mindful cheats
  • Less caffeine

Seems like everyone that responded chose diet habits to stick with.  I was surprised to not hear anything about being more active, trying something new, or continuing with the other habits we have chosen (like reading 20 minutes a day).  I for one have really enjoyed writing these posts.  So much so that I started two other blogs (yet to be published).  Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed – this challenge has been the little nudge to get me going again.

Today’s Points: 10 (Almost lost one point at our sushi date – that was a hard one to stay challenge compliant!  Wowza!)


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