Day 30 – The finish line



The challenge is almost over!

While in yoga last night, I looked over at one of the other participants and said “I’m ready for it to be over”.  Referring to this Memorial Day Diet and Fitness (and Sobriety) Challenge.

What am I ready for?  To not scrutinize every little thing I put in to my body, while also realizing that that scrutiny will aid my choices in the future.  I want to enjoy the occasionally delicious chai latte, the ice cream, eating out with less stress of figuring out the menu…..

As a person whom has struggled with weight and come to terms with the reality of why the weight was put on in the first place – I feel confident that I can make appropriate decisions regarding what I put in to my body and why.  Food is fuel – not therapy.  (I saw that somewhere and LOVE it!)  I know that beating myself up for poor choices won’t help the situation either – taking responsibility and then letting it go will.

Writing this blog during this challenge has been incredibly rewarding.  I think I’ve heard that it takes 21 days to formulate a new habit – well, this is a new habit that looks as though it will continue.  I won’t be writing every single day, but I look forward to publishing more blog posts than prior to this challenge.

Intentional movement hasn’t always come easy to me (see the struggle with weight above – similar reasons).  Now that I’ve found something I enjoy doing, I’m seeing progress towards my goal to be stronger, and I actually enjoy intentional movement in terms of lifting, exercise, running, etc – it’s easy to keep this up.  Even the hiatus post rotator cuff repair didn’t keep me away too long.  I’m just a bit smarter about that movement now.

As many of my coaches have said to me – just keep moving, you’re almost done!

Today’s Total: 10



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