To all the Teddy’s Out There


It’s not uncommon for me to tell out-of-state friends all the wonderful things I love about California. In fact, after the winter they had back East, it’s VERY hard not to! Of course going back for the occasional snow storm is always fun, especially when you can leave and head back to perfect SoCal weather. Friends here say they can’t imagine having to “hunker down” for a hurricane, or being “snowed-in” during a blizzard. One thing they didn’t mention… were fires.

It was hot last Wednesday. But having just been in Florida where 80 degrees with high humidity left me sweating constantly.. 90 degrees of dry heat, frankly, wasn’t feeling too too bad. I got to work, only to find our entire computer system was down. AKA.. we couldn’t do a thing. The prognosis was “it could be five minutes, or it could be hours”. Finally at 10 o’clock, people…

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