The View



My current full time position in the hospital is not as active as my most recent full time position in the ED.  It’s very easy to get in a tunnel of fitness articles, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc and not get outside or walk around when stuck in a small office 36 hours a week.  Today I decided to take a few pictures on my walk around the hospital campus that is shared by a level one trauma facility and a medical school.

Some things that I observed while on my 30-ish minute break:

  1. It is HOT!  Wow – the humidity of the East Coast is no joke on a 90+ degree day.  Seriously like thick soup.  However it was amazing to feel the warmth of the sun, despite the fact there was absolutely NO breeze.
  2. I walked by three people taking a smoke break.  Our entire campus is smoke free requiring anyone that chooses to smoke to walk to the neighboring areas away from campus to get their fix.  Observation – they were outside enjoying a break from their jobs just like I was, only they were quietly standing still under a tree.
  3. Quite a few people were out and about and I took notice of how many people actually acknowledged my presence.  It’s amazing to me that you can walk by someone close enough to touch them and smell their laundry detergent, but they will act as if you do not even exist.  By example, my parents taught me to make eye contact, smile and acknowledge anyone close enough to do so.  I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone waved as they drove by, or at least smiled.
  4. It was enough to change my outlook on my 12 hour day to sweat a little and move.  So, uh, just do it.

What kinds of things did you see today?  How did you move around your environment?


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