Go Spermies, GO!

In case you have been wondering what’s been occupying my (and the wifey’s) time lately – here’s your answer. 🙂

Two Brute Yogis Sitting In a Tree

IUI Selfie!IUI Selfie!

We’ve had our first IUI this past Saturday (2/7/15)!  Overall it was a pretty easy, quiet experience.  The ultrasound the previous day showed a GIANT follicle on Lisa’s left ovary and two smaller dominant follicles on the right side.  The follicle on the left seriously appeared to take up the entire ovary space, my eyes may have popped out of my head when I saw it in comparison to the smaller ones on the right.  Kat, the awesome NP, said that Lisa’s uterus looked amazing for having a little fibroid farm plowed away six-ish months ago – also very encouraging.  Lisa’s urine LH level didn’t indicate that she had ovulated, which we also knew since she had peed on the stick that morning, so it was up to the labs to decide when the first insemination would take place.  The call came that evening, right before I left to work…

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