Who am I?

Who are you?

My coworkers call me Anne-Marie
Family and friends call AMV, Ree, Moe

CrossFit has changed my life – it’s been the gateway drug that has open my eyes to many opportunities.  I re-discovered yoga, fell madly in love (and got married!), found muscles I never knew existed, discovered strong(wo)man training, figured out that gluten is stupid, and discovered a way to seriously have ice cream everyday (if I so desire).

I afford food for 4 dogs and a cat by being a Paramedic in the ER at the Children’s Hospital and teaching the occasional asana class (that’s fancy talk for the yoga moves) and coaching a few CrossFit classes (that’s how I also afford my expensive hobbies!).

Right now I call Virginia Beach home, where my wife and I live in close quarters with our dogs and sassy black cat (we may fit a stereotype or two).



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