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Day 24 – New Habits

Life Force

Life Force

While listening to NPR today on my way home from work…pause…Bestie, I can see you laughing, NPR is awesome….moving on….

While listening to NPR today, I caught the middle of a conversation about financial habits and choices.  It got me thinking, and I’ll expand this thought a little more in tomorrow’s post – What new habits (or revisited as it were) am I going to continue to maintain after this challenge is over?  I’ll ask the other participants as well because it could be interesting to revisit this a few months from now.

That bowl of fruit depicted above has literally been a life saver during this challenge.  #bruteyogi and I lead a fairly active and very busy life between work, working out, owning 4 dogs, etc. Therefore we need a ton of carbohydrates in our life to keep us going.  #bruteyogi needs a decent amount more than I since she is a full time body mechanic and trainer, basically working out 8+ hours a day.  I on the other hand have a job that puts me in an office 36 hours a week (if I’m not in the Emergency Room) so I’m not quite as active.  However, one habit that we’ve created over this month is having a large variety of fruit available to us at all times…this is one habit we will definitely keep!  Of course the fruit will change depending on the season, but it’s availability will not.

Just a little FYI – in that fruit bowl above is over 2lbs of fresh strawberries, 2lbs of fresh blueberries, a whole pineapple and the juice from 2 limes and 1 large lemon (to keep it as fresh as possible).  We’ll add bananas, clementines and/or apples daily to our own personal to go fruit buckets depending on what we want and what we have on hand.  #bruteyogi likes to add walnuts to hers for a little extra fat and protein, I tend to eat mine as is or add some PaleoKrunch along with some homemade raw milk yogurt.

If you’ve done a challenge what new habits did you take along with you once the challenge is over?

Today’s Points: 10