Day 22



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If you don’t love minions there is something wrong with you.

It’s been fun watching all of the PRs roll in on our challenge Facebook Page!  Here are the highlights so far:

  • Attend three organized classes in one day!  A yin yoga class, spin class and and ab class.  (Sounds like the abs got a work out in all three of those if you as me!)
  • Heavy lifting PRs thus far include a deadlift and a backsquat.
  • Walking lunges have been VERY popular!  400m with a weight vest, 400m and 800m in sprinter time.  (Hope they can still walk!)
  • Run a mile faster than ever – one participant hit 7min and change (NICE WORK).
  • PR on the best sweat angle post workout.
  • Most consecutive days racing – this girl has been running her ass of since the start of the challenge!
  • Most gas in the gas tank – apparently their 20 gallon tank actually holds more than 20 gallons.  Hmmm….
  • Life PRs – not passing out while getting blood drawn, sunburn in record time, shirt off during a run that did not end in a run PR….the list goes on…

There are two more days to grab up PR bonus points, I’ll make sure to fill you in on the most interesting, creative, hilarious posts!

Best quote recently: “I’m so tired all the time. I’ve just been lying in bed eating yeast and car wax, hoping that eventually I will rise and shine, but I don’t think it’s working.”

Today’s Total: 10


Day 21 – Short and Sweet



Watched my wife hit a backsquat PR this afternoon!  Too bad we don’t have video of that as I was her spotter and not her videographer.

Ate well, woded well, slept well…

Here’s the recap of the lifting session:

1.Axle Press 3×3 @85% clean each

A – 115# jerk (went of my old 3RM clean with a barbell of 145 set a LONG time ago, this felt good and I was suprised with how strong I felt!  Fun warm up for sure!)

2.strict press 3×5 reps

A – 65/65/70#

3a.Pull ups 3×5

A – 5 / 3+2 / 3+2 (shut the hell up – 5 unbroken?!  what are you doing to me Kalle?!)

3b.Face pulls 3×5

A – 36/48/60#

4.3 way shoulder 1×20

A – 5# (I thought, oh, just 1 time?, and then had my ass handed to me by 5# dumbbells)

Repeat tomorrow (with a different wod of course)!

Today’s Points: 10

Day 20 – The Sugars…..



Ok, so sugar has received a bad rap.  Let me fill you in on my relationship with sugar – refined sugars to be exact.  Since this challenge started I went without the refined sugars for almost 19 days.  Last night I had a little bit of sorbet after dinner.  It was the first time that condensed sugars of that nature had been consumed – we’ve of course been eating sugar, just in the form of fruits and vegetables.  Those sugars tend to metabolize quite differently than the intravenous drip of key lime sorbet that I had last night.  Once it’s removed from the normal daily diet, it’s very noticeable when it’s reintroduced.

Prior to this challenge and in years past I’ve experienced multiple bouts of heart palpitations.  So much so that I’ve seen the doctor – more than once.  I’ve worn a Holter Monitor, an Event Monitor, had multiple EKG’s (or ECG’s), and have had a stress test. Literally nothing was wrong with my heart, blood work showed that all was fine, and other than the possibility that it was anxiety the docs told me to cut back on caffeine.  I was in college when this started…that meant that I was drinking the shit out of mountain dew (I used to LOVE that shit) and sleeping when ever I could.  The palpitations went away for a while after college and came back a few years later.  This time it was attributed to stress and anxiety and I cut caffeine out entirely.  They’ve laid dormant for the most part – popping up here and there.  Usually when I wasn’t sleeping as much (zombie nightshift) or for some other reason I wasn’t aware of.

Here’s the interesting part.  Right after eating the sorbet, within an hour or less, I felt a surge (likely the sugar streaming through) and the palpitations!  CRAZY!  I’ve had caffeine a few times throughout the past 20 days – but have not had this big a dose of sugar in such a condensed way.  And I haven’t felt the palpitations this entire challenge until now.  I think we now know the culprit!  My body metabolizes sugar in such a way that causes me to have heart palpitations.  Or at least I assume that’s the case since nothing else has changed….I’m not stressed, I’m much less anxious than ever (thank you yoga), I eat fairly well, blah blah blah.  This has to be it!

This is what my EKG looks like some of the time

This is what my EKG looks like some of the time

What does it mean?  Well – I’ll definitely be more diligent in my consumption of refined condensed powerful doses of sugar from now on.  It only took 36 years to figure that one out.  Thanks challenge master (AKA Beth) for bringing this to light!

See you guys tomorrow.

Today’s Points: 10

Day 19 – DeadLift PR




Do you remember the time that you hit your first deadlift PR?  Or any PR for that matter?

Isn’t it interesting that you can recall the day, the circumstances, the environment, the people, the music, etc when new PRs are set?

My last deadlift PR was set last year well after rotator cuff surgery.  Deadlifting was the first barbell movement I could do post surgery that involved my arms (back squats were the first that I could actually do post surgery).  I have been stuck at the 235-240lb deadlift since 2010/2011.  That’s a DAMN LONG TIME if you ask me.  I remember hitting all of the PRs along the way, 215, 225, 235, 240.  I remember where I was, how I felt, who was there.

Today my goal was to stay conservative – my track record hasn’t been so hot over the years.  I was shooting for 250lbs, a 10lb PR.  With this programming that #bruteyogi and I have been doing recently (starting with our friend Court and now Kalle), I knew I had made some progress in terms of overall strength.  Ten pounds didn’t seem to be too unreasonable.

Let me also fill you in on a little secret.  I suck at bar math, and I also can psych myself out mentally if I know how much weight is on the bar.  Luckily my wife is both great at bar math and great at making appropriate weight jumps without my knowledge (I ask her to not tell me what’s on the bar past a certain weight).  Once I hit 225lbs on the bar I stopped paying attention to the actual numbers in pounds and let #bruteyogi take care of me.  She was a great bar bitch, a great videographer, and an amazing cheerleader!  Having her support and confidence means the world to me, and I love to make her proud.

Do we attribute this PR to the diet and fitness challenge?  The programming from Kalle Beck for the past two months and Court before?  The yoga practice?  Or all three?  I don’t know – but what ever it is or was it seems to be working.

This is my first attempt with iMovie and uploading to YouTube and WordPress….let see what happens.

Today’s Points: 9 + 10 bonus PR points

(I had sugar (other than fruit) for the first time in 18 days!  However, coconut sugars seem to be allowed in the challenge and through some confusion we didn’t think they were….so I had a negligible amount of cocktail sauce at dinner and sorbet at fro’yo tonight since I thought I’d killed my point already.  Damnit.)

Day 18 – New Personal Record



This weeks mini challenge is to PR on something – PR on two things and grab even more bonus points.  I LOVE DOUBLE UNDERS!  There – I said it.  I admit to it.  It’s all true.

For one of the potential two PRs I wanted to beat one of my old double under scores.  Today when I was finished with the programming from Kalle I randomly chose the 150 double unders for time.  The other options were most unbroken (my last score was 188 unbroken double unders in 2012), or most double unders in a minute (I inadvertently erased my last score – so that one was a wash).

Last 150 double unders for time was 2:16 set in November 2011.  Today?  150 double unders in 1:22!!!!

I felt so awesome after that little moment that I took a break and decided to try and beat the most unbroken while I was at it.  It didn’t happen – 148 today.  I have no clue how I busted out 188 at one time without tripping up?!  Was I on drugs at the time?  I didn’t trip up today, I just. could. not. go. on!  Maybe it’s the lack of metcons recently?  Maybe I shouldn’t have tried it right after 150 for time?  What ever it was today wasn’t the day to beat it.

What was one of your recent PRs?  Was it set in the gym or was it a life PR?

Today’s total: 10 + 10 bonus PR points

Day 17



Ask the questions you’re afraid to ask – you may be surprised to hear the answers.  Identifying as a gay woman that also happens to CrossFit, play in Strongman, is a Paramedic, used to train dogs, teaches yoga….blah blah blah – has apparently opened me up to some pretty interesting lines of questioning.  Here are the one’s I hear often:

  • Can you help me with my dog? (It’s likely that I can, but it’s not my job any more.)
  • Did you see that crazy WOD? (Yup, I may have even programmed it!)
  • Do you workout? (Yes, I do.  Why do you ask?)
  • I have this rash…what do you think it is?  (Insert any complicated medical question here…remember that I’m not a doctor and I don’t likely know what’s wrong with you.)
  • Can I do yoga if I can’t even touch my toes?  (You can touch your toes, just bend your knees.  And that likely means you should do yoga.)
  • How old were you when you came out?  (How old were you when you told your family you were straight?  I was 14 or 15 when I told my parents.)
  • Have you ever been with a guy?  (Have you?  Why does it matter?  I’m a gold star…are you?)

Don’t hesitate to ask – if someone wants to tell you the answer, they will.  Just ask your question in a respectful way without any attachment to the answer.  I am a curious person and will likely ask you something some day.  The questions that are asked will likely teach you something about yourself – maybe something you didn’t even know before.  listen-karith

Listen to the answers, even if you don’t like them, they’ll still teach you.  Observe your response and reaction.  It all has meaning.  Remain a learner of life.  When you are asked, do the same.  Observer your reaction, response, your answer.  We’re curious animals, we like to know what makes each other tic.  Especially if it’s something we’re unfamiliar with.

I’ve asked some doozies of questions (and will likely again), if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have started dating and then marrying my wife (she actually proposed to me), found my bestie (I ask her a ton of questions that make her blush), learned how awesome the owners of my gym are….the list goes on….

What’s something you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask someone?

Today’s total: 10

Total Points thus far 214 out of a possible 450

Day 16 – HALF WAY!!!



So – it happened.

I ate…..


I went in to the situation knowing full well that it could and likely would happen.  It’s cool.  I’m not skeered.

Also made the choice between the lesser of two evils.  Soy sauce – the real deal with gluten (not gunna happen) or what I could find on a moments notice at the ever so sketchy Food Lion?  I went with Braggs…so there went another point (since it is still soy and that’s not legal either).  – HOLD THE PHONE….After the original publish of this post 20 minutes ago, I have learned that this was not sin of the challenge.  How about that?  No point lost after all…it falls under the same category as the grains (ie rice) and it could be interperated to also fall under the legume category for which I am allowed one serving a day (I did opt for the non GMO based soy after all).

Don’t worry – I told my wife.  And after a rather impressive *gasp*, she admitted that she was a tad jealous.

Today’s Total: 8 – NO it’s actually 9!